The 13th Biennial

Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology (FCSM) Policy Conference

The Future of Federal Statistics – Use of Multiple Data Sources, Anchored in Fundamental Principles and Practices

December 6-7, 2016

Washington, DC Convention Center

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Welcome Remarks/PLENARY Session


Promoting Evidence-Building: The Role of Federal Agencies 
(pdf, 120 KB) 


Ron Haskins, Senior Fellow in the Economic Studies Program and co-Director of the Center on Children and Families at the Brookings Institute, and Co-Chair, Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking

Session 1:  Causes and Consequences of Changes in Federal Data Collection

                (Organizers: Amy O’Hara, Census; Shelly Martinez, OMB)


Chair:             John Thompson, Director, U.S. Census Bureau


·         From the Ashes: Re-envisioning and Re-building the Survey of Income and Program Participation  (pdf, 552 KB) 

Jason Fields, Survey Director, Survey of Income Program Participation, U.S. Census Bureau

·         Redesigning the National Health Interview Survey Questionnaire (pdf, 697 KB) 

Stephen Blumberg, Associate Director for Science, Division of Health Interview Statistics, National Center for Health Statistics

·         Responding to Energy Data Challenges: Different Horses for Different Courses (pdf, 382 KB) 

Stephen Harvey, Senior Advisor, Energy Information Administration

·         Using Administrative Data with Survey Data to Measure Occupational Health (pdf, 225 KB) 

Hilery Simpson, Assistant Commissioner for Occupational Safety and Health Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics


Discussant:            Brian Harris-Kojetin, Deputy Director, Committee on National Statistics, National Academy of Sciences

Session 2:  Private Sector Production of Economic Indicators

                (Organizers: Peter Meyer, NCHS; Polly Phipps, BLS)


Chair:               Erica Groshen, Commissioner, Bureau of Labor Statistics


·         Steve Berchem, Chief Operating Officer, American Staffing Association

·         Chris Wheat, Director of Research, JP Morgan Chase Institute

·         Tara Sinclair, Associate Professor of Economics, George Washington University and Senior Fellow, Indeed Hiring Lab

·         Alberto Cavallo, Associate Professor, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; co-founder Billion Prices Project

Session 3:  Realizing the Potential Offered by Administrative Data

                 (Organizers: Jennifer Madans, Nat Schenker, Peter Meyer, NCHS)


Chair:         Charlie Rothwell, Director, National Center for Health Statistics


·         Policy Issues in the Use of Administrative Records in Census Bureau Surveys

Quentin O. Brummet, Branch Chief, Experiments & Innovation, Center for Administrative Records Research and Applications, U.S. Census Bureau

·         Policy Context of Moving the National Health Care Surveys toward Electronic Health Record Data Collection

Denys Lau, Acting Director, Division of Health Care Surveys, National Center for Health Statistics

·         National Center for Health Statistics Data Linkage Program: Accomplishments and Challenges

Lisa Mirel, Chief, Special Projects Branch, Office of Analysis and Epidemiology, National Center for Health Statistics

·         National Center for Education Statistics: Two Decades of Experience Blending Surveys and Administrative Data

Marilyn Seastrom, Chief Statistician and Director, Statistical Standards and Data Confidentiality, National Center for Education Statistics

Session 4:  Necessary Changes: Updating Workforce Skills and Management Styles for Work with Hybrid Data

                (Organizers: Amy O’Hara, Census; Rolf Schmitt, BTS; John Eltinge, BLS)


Chair:         John Gawalt, Division Director, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics


·         Staffing for Data Science in Federal Agencies  (pdf, 1,8 MB) 

Michael Valivullah, Chief Technology Officer, National Agricultural Statistical Service

·         Attracting, Feeding, and Caring for your Government Technologists  (pdf, 844 KB) 

Jennifer Tress, Acting Chief of Staff, Technology Transformation Services, General Services Administration, Previous Director, Talent Team 18F, General Services Administration

·         Analytics Center of Excellence Organizational Development  (pdf, 920 KB) 

Nirmala Ramprasad, Director, Analytics Center for Excellence, Social Security Administration

·         D3M: Empowering Users via (Semi-) Automated Data Analysis and Machine Learning (pdf, 199 KB) 

Wade Shen, Program Manager for the Information Innovation Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


Discussant:  Natalie Harris, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Science and Technology Policy   (pdf, 518 KB)  

Session 5:  Evolution of Quality Standards in the World of Alternative Data

(Organizers: Arthur Kennickell, FRB; John Eltinge, BLS; Renee Miller, EIA; Patrick Cantwell, Census)


Chair:               Jeri Mulrow, Acting Director, Bureau of Justice Statistics


·         Quality Standards for Acquisition and Use of Multiple Data Sources  (pdf, 257 KB) 

John Eltinge, Associate Commissioner, Office of Survey Methods Research, Bureau of Labor Statistics

·        Financial Data Language and Standards: ISO Standards for Financial Services  (pdf, 76 KB) 

Karla McKenna, Chair of Technical Committee 68 of the International Standards Organization

·         The Use of Administrative Records to Reduce Cost in the 2020 Decennial Census Nonresponse Follow-up Operation  (pdf, 207 KB) 

Thomas Mule (presenter), Andrew Keller, and Scott Konicki, U.S. Census Bureau

·         Putting Together Pieces of a Gasoline Station Frame Using Third Party and Administrative Data  (pdf, 336 KB) 

Amerine Woodyard, Energy Information Administration

·        Administrative Data Collection Education: What We Know and How We Know It  (pdf, 176 KB) 

Richard Reeves (Presenter), Mark Glander, and Robert Stillwell, National Center for Education Statistics

Session 6:  Management of Hardware and Software Issues in Work with Alternative and Blended Data Sources

                                (Organizers: John Eltinge, BLS; Amy O’Hara, Census; Rolf Schmitt, BTS)


Chair:             Patricia Hu, Director, Bureau of Transportation Statistics


·         Advance Analytics Environments for Large Data Collections  (pdf, 3.1 MB) 

Mark Watson, Vice President, Director, Center for the Advancement of Data and Research in Economics, Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank

·         How Human Organization Drives Hardware/Software Purchases  (pdf, 213 KB) 

Adam Porter-Price, Senior Manager, Data Analytic Solutions, Booz Allen Hamilton

·         Specialized Computing in the Agencies: Some Examples, Scenarios, and Lessons  (pdf, 868 KB) 

Peter Meyer, Bureau of Labor Statistics

·         Statistical Computing Challenges at FDA  (pdf, 253 KB) 

Paul Schuette, Federal Drug Administration

·         Data Infrastructure and Management Systems in Manufacturing: The Importance of Developing Context to Enable Decision Making  (pdf, 11 MB) 

        Moneer Helu, Mechanical Engineer, Systems Integration Division, Engineering Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Session 7:  Confidence in the Outcomes of Traditional Federal Statistical Surveys

(Organizers: Amy O’Hara, Census; Shelly Martinez, OMB)


Chair:         John Phillips, Associate Commissioner, Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics, Social Security Administration


·         The Need for Principles

Jim Lynch, Chair, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Maryland

·         It’s Not a Survey, It’s a Census

Dan Bibel, retired Massachusetts State Police

·         Joining Forces to Measure Crime  (pdf, 757 KB) 

Jeri Mulrow, Acting Director, Bureau of Justice Statistics

        John Derbas, Deputy Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation


Discussant:            Julie Dingley, Office of Management and Budget

Session 8:  Disclosure Limitation with Rich External Data Environment: Increasing Data Acquisition Practices and Expanding Stakeholder Information Needs

(Organizers: Nancy Bates, Census; Renee Miller, EIA)


Chair:         Barry Johnson, Statistics of Income, Internal Revenue Service


·        Why Statistical Agencies Need to Take Privacy-loss Budgets Seriously, and What It Means When They Do  (pdf, 389 KB) 

John M. Abowd, Associate Director for Research and Methodology, U.S. Census Bureau

·         Providing Public and Private Access To Confidential Social Science Data  (pdf, 1.98 MB) 

Ashwin Machanavajjhala, Department of Statistical Science, Duke University

·         A Modern Approach to Designing Privacy-Aware Data Releases

Alexandra Wood, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University 

Kobbi Nissim, Professor of Computer Science, Ben-Gurion University, and Senior Fellow, Center for Research on Computation and Society, Harvard University


Discussant:            Simson Garfinkel, Senior Advisor, National Institute for Standards and Technology

Session 9:  Public-Private Partnerships: Viable in the Federal Statistical System?

(Organizers: Amy O’Hara, Census; Shelly Martinez, OMB)


Chair:         Brian Moyer, Director, Bureau of Economic Analysis


·         Partnering With the Private Sector to Increase the Utility of Government Data Collection and Reporting - Lessons from the National Center for Education Statistics  (pdf, 154 KB) 

Chris Chapman, Associate Commissioner, Sample Survey Division, National Center for Education Statistics

·        Partnering with a Federally Funded Research and Development Center: A Trusted Third Party  (pdf, 521 KB) 

Joy Tobin, Chief of Health Informatics, MITRE

·         NTIS Data Services (pdf, 965 KB) 

Avi Bender, Director, National Technical Information Services, Department of Commerce

·         Data Partnerships Happening in Promise Zones, and How Participating Federal Agencies Contribute and Coordinate with Them 

Valerie Piper, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic Development in the Office of Community Planning and Development, Housing and Urban Development


Discussant: Steven Cohen, Vice President, RTI International 

Session 10:  The Challenges of Overlapping Mandates between Federal Statistical Agencies and Departmental Chief Information Officers

(Organizers: Rolf Schmitt, BTS; John Eltinge, BLS; Amy O’Hara, Census)


Chair:           Bill Wiatrowski, Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Labor Statistics


·         Jennifer Edgar, Bureau of Labor Statistics   (pdf, 382 KB) 

·         Dan Morgan, Chief Data Officer, Department of Transportation

·         Paul Bugg, White House Office of Management and Budget

·         Wayne Smith, former Chief Statistician of Canada and Head of Statistics Canada

Closing Plenary Session:

Turning Talk into Action: Establishing a Research Agenda for the Federal Statistical System in a Big Data World

·         Jonaki Bose, Chair, Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology

·         Cynthia Z. F. Clark, Former Administrator, National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA 2008-2014 (retired), Co-Chair AAPOR/ASA Survey Climate Task Force

Building a Future on Katherine Wallman’s Legacy

·         Connie Citro, Director, Committee on National Statistics, NAS

·         Erica Groshen, Commissioner, Bureau of Labor Statistics