Previous Updates 

April Stakeholder Update

2020 Census Enumeration Form

Thank you Letter to Leadership of LHHS Appropriations Committees 

Letter in support of FY 2019 Appropriations for the Engery Information Administration 

March Stakeholder Update

Statement from Former Census Director John Thompson on adding a citizenship to the 2020 Census


Friends of BLS FY 2019 Appropriations Request 

Senate version here

(updated 3/20/2018)

Letter in support of BLS from Michael Strain and Phillip Swagel 

February Stakeholder Update

Program for 2018 FCSM Research and Policy Conference
March 7 - 9, 2018 at the Washington DC Convention Center 

Final Program:  Here  

COPAFS December 8, 2017 Quarterly Meeting

Agenda, Summary, and Presentations:  Here

updated 12/19/2017

William Beach Nominated for Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Letter to Senate Committee Supporting Nomination:  Here
Profile: Here

 2016-2017 Budget Authority and Proposals for FY 2018 Budget For Prinicpal Statistical Agencies  

(updated July 26, 2017, pdf, 254 KB)

 2015-2017 Budget Authority and President's Proposed 2018 Budget For Prinicpal Statistical Agencies  

(updated June 19, 2017, pdf, 267 KB)