Minutes of COPAFS Quarterly Meetings

We have discontinued Minutes for the Quarterly Meetings.  Summaries and presentations can now be found on the COPAFS Quarterly Meetings page.  Please roll over and click the page title.

June 2013

Panel of Statistical Agency Officials on 2013 and 2014 Budget Implications

Tom Mesenbourg, Acting Director, Bureau of the Census
John Galvin, Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Labor Statistics
William Sabol, Acting Director, Bureau of Justice Statistics
Marilyn Seastrom, Chief Statistician, National Center for Education Statistics
Joe Reilly, Associate Administrator, National Agricultural Statistics Service
Thomas Williams, Assistant Administrator, Energy Information Agency
Charles Rothwell, Acting Director, National Center for Health Statistics

Panel of Congressional Staff on the Use of Federal Statistics and Outlook for Statistical Agencies

Kim Kowalewski, Deputy Assistant Director for Macroeconomic Analysis, Congressional Budget Office
Jeffrey Post, Professional Staff, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

Connie Citro, Committee on National Statistics, The National Academies
The Committee on National Statistics Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency - Fifth Edition

William O’Hare, O'Hare Data and Demographic Services
On the Census Undercount of Young Children

March 2013

William G. Bostic, Jr, Associate Director for Economic Programs, U.S. Census Bureau
Big Data Projects at the Census Bureau

Michael Horrigan, Associate Commissioner for Prices and Living Conditions, BLS
Big Data: A Perspective from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

John Horrigan, Vice President and Director of the Media and Technology Institute at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
Big Data -- The Consumer’s Perspective

Robert Groves, Provost, Georgetown University
Big Data Meets Official Statistics

December 2012

Cynthia Clark, National Agricultural Statistics Service
NASS Methodoligical, Operational and Structural Transformation

Clyde Tucker, Consultant
Looking at Presidential Polling After the Election

Peter Miller, U.S. Census Bureau
Michael Thieme, U.S. Census Bureau
Launching Adaptive Design at the U.S. Census Bureau

Dennis Fixler, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Implications of Federal Statistics Revisions

 September 2012

Barry Nussbaum, Environmental Protection Agency
Statistics at the EPA

Paul Bugg, Office of Statistical and Science Policy, OMB
Cybersecurity and Confidentiality Protection

William Iwig, National Agricultural Statistics Service
New Perspectives on the Quality of Administrative Data

Timothy Trainor, U.S. Census Bureau
Michael Ratcliffe, U.S. Census Bureau
The Census Bureau's Geographic Support System Initiative – An Update

June 2012

 Patricia Hu, Bureau of Transportation Statistics
A Review of Plans for the Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Jennifer Madans, National Center for Health Statistics
Challenges in Collecting Sexual Identity Information in National Surveys

Joan Turek, Health and Human Services Administration
Fritz Scheuren, National Opinion Research Center
How Good are the Annual Social and Demographic Supplement Earnings Data?
A Comparison to SSA Detailed Earnings Records

Patricia Ruggles, Orlin Research, Inc.
Catherine Ruggles, Orlin Research, Inc.
Managing and Analyzing Longitudinal Data

March 2012

James Lynch, Bureau of Justice Statistics
A Review Of Plans for the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Roderick Little, U.S. Census Bureau
An Overview of Statistical Methodology at the Census Bureau

Ron Jarmin, U.S. Census Bureau
A Follow-Up: Who Creates Jobs? Small vs. Large vs. Young?

Joe Gfroerer, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Estimating Mental Illness in an Ongoing National Survey Bureau

December 2011

Marilyn Seastrom, National Center for Education Statistics
National Center for Education Statistics Update

Campbell Gibson, American Demographic History Chartbook
An Overview of American Demographic History

Michael Ratcliffe, U.S. Census Bureau
Rural Statistical Areas – A Rural-Centric Approach to Defining Geographic Areas

Nancy Bates, U.S. Census Bureau
Measurement Error in Relationship and Marital Status Questions

Martin O’Connell, U.S. Census Bureau
Statistics on Same-sex Couple Households from 2010 Census

September 2011

Shirin Ahmed, U.S. Census Bureau
A Review of the Upcoming 2012 Economic Censuses

Ataman Ozyildirim, The Conference Board
Using a Composite Index of Financial Condition Indicators to Predict Turning Points in the U.S. Business Cycle

Thomas Mesenbourg, U.S. Census Bureau
A Review of the U.S. Census Plan for Realignment of Field Offices

Kimball Brace, Election Data Services, Inc.
Redistricting and Reapportionment Following the 2010 Census

June 2011

Cynthia Clark, National Agricultural Statistics Service
A Review of the Upcoming 2012 Census of Agriculture

Danny Smith, Consultant – Department of Energy
Population Considerations for the Nuclear Field

Michael Ratcliffe, U.S. Census Bureau
John Cromartie, Economic Research Service, USDA
Rethinking Urban-Rural and the Barriers Between Statistical and Programmatic Uses

Thomas Dail, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Economic Analysis Interactive Tables

March 2011

Jennifer Edgar. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Consumer Expenditure Survey Redesign

Mary Jo Hoeksema. Population Association of America/Association of Population Centers
The 112th Congress: A Presentation to COPAFS

Ken Hodges. The Nielsen Company
ACS 5-Year Data: A First Look at the First Release

December 2010

Frank Vitrano, U.S. Census Bureau
Plans for the Research and Testing Phase of the 2020 Census

Jennifer Madans, National Center for Health Statistics
The Challenge of the Ultimate Identifier: Confidentiality and Access To DNA Test Results

Rebecca Blash, U.S. Census Bureau
William Hazard, U.S. Census Bureau
Integrating Federal Statistics With Data Ferrett

Michael Horrigan, Bureau of Labor Statistics
A Review of the Consumer Price Index

September 2010

William Wiatrowski, Bureau of Labor Statistics
National Compenstation Trends

Herman Habermann, Committee on National Statistics
Facilitating Innovation in the Federal Statistical System

Barbara O’Hare, U.S. Census Bureau
Jennifer Madans, National Center for Health Statistics
Survey Cost Savings for the National Health Interview Survey

Paul Voss, Committee on National Statistics
Measuring Group Quarters Population in the American Community Survey

June 2010

Richard Moser. National Cancer Institute
Tracking the Revolution in Health Information Technology

Christopher Pece. U.S. Census Bureau
A Review of Quarterly State and Local Tax Data

David Johnson. U.S. Census Bureau
Developing a Supplemental Poverty Measure

Timothy Trainor. U.S. Census Bureau
Proposed Geographic Support Services and the Status of the Master Address and TIGER Files

March 2010

Allen Beck.  Bureau of Justice Statistics
Data Required for the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

David Johnson.  U.S. Census Bureau
Jason Fields.  U.S. Census Bureau
Understanding Event History Calendars 

Jennifer Tancreto.  U.S. Census Bureau
ACS Methods Panel Update

Keith Hall.  Bureau of Labor Statistics
Bureau of Labor Statistics Update

December 2009

Paul Bugg, Office of Management and Budget Initiative

Lauren Harris-Kojetin, National Center for Health Statistics
National Survey of Residential Care Facilities

Ron Jarmin, U.S. Census Bureau
Who Creates Jobs? Small vs. Large vs. Young?

Jeremy Wu, U.S. Census Bureau
Local Employment Dynamics: Synthetic Data for OnTheMap Version 4

September 2009

Steven Landefeld, Bureau of Economic Analysis
GDP and Beyond: Alternative Measures of the Economic Status of Households and Businesses

Michael Sinclair, Bureau of Justice Statistics
New Initiatives for FY 2010 at the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Victoria Velkoff, U.S. Census Bureau
Jason Devine, U.S. Census Bureau
Demographic Analysis for the 2010 Census

Vincent Mule, U.S. Census Bureau
2010 Post Enumeration Estimates Using Census Coverage Measurement

June 2009

David Johnson, U.S. Census Bureau
Scott Boggess, U.S. Census Bureau
Upcoming Changes in the American Community Survey Products Between 2007 and 2008

Ana Aizcorbe, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Toward a Health Care Satellite Account

Victoria Velkoff, U.S. Census Bureau
Jason Devine, U.S. Census Bureau
Population Estimates Testing and Evaluation Research

Michael Ratcliffe, U.S. Census Bureau
Chris Henrie, U.S. Census Bureau
Developing Criteria for Delineating Urban Areas

March 2009

James Fitzsimmons, U.S. Census Bureau
Josuah Comenetz, U.S. Census Bureau
Estimating and Mapping International Populations at Risk From Disasters

John Czajka, Mathematica Policy Research
Income Data for 2002: A Comparison of Eight Surveys

James Fitzsimmons, U.S. Census Bureau
Paul Mackun, U.S. Census Bureau
Mark Perry, U.S. Census Bureau
Reviewing the Standards for Defining Metropolitan and Micropolitan Areas: A Look at the Committee Recommendations to OMB

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