Presentations From The December 4, 2009 Quarterly Meeting

The OMB Initiative (690 KB, pdf)
The genesis of this conference was the Census Bureau’s release of population projections for the United States in January 2000. These showed the possible future population in great detail for each year out to 2100.

The National Survey of Residential Care Facilities (681 KB, pdf)
The growing use of objective statistical information to guide decisions that affect the lives of most citizens has imposed high standards for the accuracy and completeness of data. Concerns about rates of response and about the quality of data that are provided increasingly have led Federal agencies to propose the use of incentives in government-sponsored surveys.

  Who Creates Jobs? Small vs. Large vs. Young* (613 KB, pdf)

Local Employment Dynamic: Synthetic Data for OnTheMap Version 4 (1.48 KB, pdf)

Meeting Minutes