Affiliate Organizations & Representatives

American Institutes for Research
Michael Cohen

The Annie E. Casey Foundation
Laura Speer

The Conference Board
Ataman Ozyildirim

Ken Hodges

Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER)
Warren A. Brown

Decision Demographics
Stephen Tordella

Election Data Services, Inc.
Kimball Brace

Doug Skuta

Georgetown University
Robert Groves

John Boyle
Larry Luskin

Institute for Social Research
David Lam

Joint Program in Survey Methodology
Franke Kreuter

Justice, Research and Statistics Association

Jeffery Sedgwick

Mathematica Policy Research
Diane Herz
Andy Weiss

National Association of Realtors - Research and Statistics
Paul Bishop

National Opinion Research Center
Chet Bowie

Christine Pierce 
Dan Estersohn 

Bernie Langer

Population Reference Bureau 
Linda Jacobsen

Kelvin Pollard

Princeton University Library Data and Statistical Services
Bobray Bordelon

Warren Glimpse

Kyley McGeeney

Research Triangle Institute
Steve Cohen
Jill A. Dever

Sage Publications, Inc.
Camille Gamboa

Social & Decision Analytics Division (SDAD)
Biocomplexity Institute & Initiative (BII), University of Virginia
Sallie Keller
Stephanie Shipp

The Urban Institute
Rob Santos

Westat, Inc.
Graham Kalton
Tom Krenzke

Individual Supporters of COPAFS

Wendy B. Dickinson, Ph.D.

Richard L. Forstall

Campbell J. Gibson, Ph.D.

Nancy Gordon

Erica Groshen

Robert Parker

Edward Spar

Nicholas Zill, Ph.D.

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