Making the Most of Federal Data:  Combining Data for Economic Analysis

Post-conference Workshop

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

8:30 am – 4:30 pm

This workshop showcased innovative research using data created by linking survey, administrative, and other microdata to answer economic or policy questions that could not be addressed using any single data source.  The focus was on three broad themes: (1) challenges and solutions in linking data and ensuring that combined data provides representative and reliable estimates; (2) Confidentiality, privacy, and data access issues that must be addressed in producing these modern data products; and (3) The modernization initiatives underway for the Federal Statistical System, including new data standards to facilitate data linking to improve estimates and expand research possibilities, expanding data access capabilities, and building capacity for the 21st Century.

The Next Generation Data Platform: Linking Administrative Data from State-Level USDA Nutrition Assistance Programs with Census Household Surveys and Administrative Records from Other State and Federal Programs, Eric Scherpf (USDA-ERS)

Legacy Effects of Conservation Payments, Steven Wallander (USDA-ERS), Maria Bowman (USDA-ERS), Peter Beeson (Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History), and Roger Claaseen (USDA-ERS)

Measuring Innovation and Productivity Change in Agriculture: UMETRICS
 Data and the Innovation Measurement Initiative, Brent Hueth, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Initiatives to Modernize the Federal Statistical System: Access to Federal Data, Jeri Mulrow (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Incentives for Food Safety and the Public Disclosure Food Safety Performance in Chicken Slaughter, Michael Ollinger, James Wilkus, Megan, Hrdlicka, and John Bovay (USDA-ERS)

Business Dynamics of Innovating Firms: Linking U.S. Patent Data with Administrative Dada on Workers and Firms, Elisabeth Perlman (U.S. Census)

The Role of Social Capital in Labor Market Outcomes and Migration
, Julie Hotchkiss, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Anil Rupasingha (USDA-ERS)

Population and Housing Administrative Records Data Access, LInage, and Quality at the U.S. Census Bureau, Nikolas Pharris-Ciurej (U.S. Census)